Hi, nice to virtually meet you here! My name is Richard and I want to tell you a little bit about my life´s story. From an early age on, I was interested in life at its depth.I always thought, that what we can perceive with our senses, is not all there is.
So I started to look deeper.
This urge to know more, lead me to spend time with Indian monks from the Kriya Yoga tradition and being in an Ashram near Miami for 5 weeks, when I just turned 18.
During that time and also later on, I did a lot of meditation and introspection.
The journey back to myself lead me to learn Vortexhealing® and I spent time with an Advaita-teacher, who I also wrote music for.

I always loved art and music from when i was a child and so over the years I studied classical guitar, jazz-guitar and music-therapy.
I did a systemic coaching course in business-consultancy called „money coaching“ in 2013 in Vienna and worked with different entrepreneurs, who were interested in meditation and who wanted to know more about themselves.

During the years I met and spent time with several spiritual teachers in different areas of the world.
Since about seven years, I have been working with clients or business owners (partly online, partly in person, or both), who were living in the following areas:
London, NYC, Monaco, Dubai, Zurich, Oslo, Barcelona, Berlin and some other parts of Germany, Hongkong, Vienna and other parts of Austria.
In 2018 I started doing interviews with people, about different areas of their business and life. ( Also partly because, i love talking and it comes very naturally to me ;-).
I really like to look at the root-cause of things and not just accept some surface answer as being given as the truth.
For me personally, most important is to stay open and to make best use of opportunities that life offers for positive change.
I love good food, coffee, inspiring conversations and not to forget summer and sunshine.