I´ve been working with entrepreneurs since many years now.

These are some of the topics a lot of them are facing in their private and business-life.

Maybe some of these issues also apply to you?

Fears of all variations and forms

I often found that there are about 5 core-fear issues, that are blocking people and entrepreneurs from having a clear vision about what they want to accomplish in life and with their business. To give you some examples:
Fear of the future, of loss, the unknown, of not being good enough, bankruptcy etc.

 Self esteem-issues:

Am I:

  • Good enough?
  • Clever enough?
  • Innovative enough?
  • Smart enough?
  • A good enough entrepreneur?

Physical, mental and emotional issues:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Not being able to relax
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Having a generally low energy level

Relationship or family issues:

If you are a high performing entrepreneur, it could be difficult for you, to find a good partner and have honest truthful and lasting relationships.

Also issues with and in your family can influence your perceived level of happiness drastically.

We´ll also be looking into these issues. If you are building, having and maybe expanding a company, most of the things start and end with you.

How I see things:

It´s vital for you and your company, that you are maintaining a positive mindest, stay open, have a healthy physical body and also have good meaningful relationships.
I can support you in that through the use of different tools and methods, also when working at a distance, through zoom or skype.
We´ll clear negative beliefs, change mindsets and also release energetic blockages that are not useful for you anymore.

If you are ready for positive change and progress, feel free to contact me.


I started studying Vortexhealing® about 17 years ago and use the highest forms of energetic tools available to students in my sessions.

I also offer Vortexhealing®-sessions.

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