When I say, look at your inner story, I mean the thoughts that are arising within.

Btw: did you recognize that I´m not saying the thoughts that you are thinking?

Most of the time thinking happens on its own without you consciously thinking a thought.

For a lot of people, their inner story is quite a negative one.

Maybe your inner story can look something like this:

You are not beautiful enough, people can not feel attracted to you the way you are.

Do you really think that someone can love you?

You didn´t grow your business as big as you would have wanted, you are such a loser.

If you don´t have the latest fashionable clothes or a great car, people will look down on you.

The problem is not so much that these thoughts are arising, but that you believe them.

Then they connect with your emotions and you can start to feel terrible about yourself.

That´s why it is so important to become conscious about your inner story and

release negative beliefs and emotions you have about yourself.

If you want some support in recognizing more about your inner negative story and

release negative emotional conditioning, feel free to contact me and book a session with me.

All the best, Richard.